July 19, 2017

About My Upcoming Ebook – How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy

by Corrina Thurston


Hi everyone! 

For the last couple months you’ve heard me talk about my upcoming ebook, How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy. Well, the book is written and the final edits are almost finished! The launch date for this book to be published is getting close and is planned for August 1st!

This post talks about the book, what to expect from the pages within, and why/how I went about writing it. 

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The Initial Idea 

The idea for this ebook began to take root after I attended an art business workshop in Washington, DC last year, held by the Arts Business Institute. It was a great two-day workshop that focused on building an effective website, wholesaling for artists, working with galleries, what corporations are looking for in the artwork they buy, art licensing, pricing strategies, and more. It was a great workshop led by Carolyn Edlund. 

At the end of the workshop I had a consultation with Carolyn herself to talk about my new art business and what I was planning to do with it, taking into account my personal health limitations and the fact that I am chronically ill. The consultation was great and the conference ended. 

On my way home I received and email from Carolyn. She had been thinking about her consultation with me and loved how I was planning my business and wondered if she could interview me for her very popular art business blog, Artsy Shark. Of course, I said yes. 

You can read the interview, Creating An Art Business With Limited Energy, here

This article was so popular it was listed at the end of the year as being in the top 10 most popular articles from the Artsy Shark blog for 2016!


What Led To Writing This Book

The feedback I received from the article posted on Artsy Shark was great and it was surprising to me how many people reached out. So many artists out there suffer from some ailment that limits their energy, and many of them were grateful to read an article that touched on that exact problem. 

The more people who reached out to me, the more I realized there is a need to help not just artists thrive with their business, but to recognize that a lot of artists are trying to do this, like me, with limited energy and/or time. A lot of artists have a health problem, an injury, a family, a full-time or part-time other job, and more that keeps them from being able to dedicate themselves to their art and business full-time. 

As the idea developed in the back of my mind and I worked on building my own art business, I started keeping note of all the things that were helping me build the business with my limited energy, and the things that drained that energy. 

Finally, I listened to a webinar one day while working on a drawing about self-publishing, and that spark of an idea ignited into a full flame. 

Writing The Book

I’m not usually an outline person, but for this book, I needed to see if I had enough information to write a full book. So I sat down and I brainstormed on paper everything I’d learned about building my business with limited energy. Then I took all the ideas and I grouped similar ones together. Each group then became the outline for a chapter in the book. Turns out I had plenty of information for a book!

I’m a fairly quick writer, but this book practically wrote itself from that point. It took me 5 days to write the first draft. 5 DAYS to write 40,000 words! I wrote so much so quickly that my hands were cramping. The information was pouring out of me, as if it HAD to be written. It was then that I realized this was definitely the right project for me to be doing. 


“Corrina Thurston’s ebook entitled, How to Build Your Art Business with Limited Time or Energy, is a must read! Miss Thurston discusses many topics of interest including: Having the Right Goals, Creating a Business Plan, Multiple Streams of Income, Email Marketing, and Branding. She also wrote a bonus section which includes, 12 Questions to ask before creating a Partnership. I found her book extremely informative.” Lisa Perfetti


What To Expect As A Reader

There’s a lot of information in this book, packed into a concise, easily digestible package. As you know from my blog posts, I’m incredibly honest and open when it comes to my writing and I don’t hold much back. 

In this book I go into detail about things like: 

  • Ways to be more productive in less time
  • How to set the RIGHT goals and avoid getting overwhelmed
  • How to handle rejection and why rejection is a good thing
  • How to discover YOUR working style
  • Creating a business plan (easier than it sounds!)
  • Art Marketing
  • Developing multiple streams of income
  • Plus BONUS MATERIALS at the end of the book, including: 
    • 12 Questions To Ask Before Creating A Partnership
    • And a sample chapter from my next book, How To Communicate Effectively – For Artists & Creatives

Plus LOTS more.

Artists will learn to be more efficient in order to get more done in the time they have, while also learning what they should prioritize in order to move their business forward and build it more quickly. 


“Corrina Thurston shares her hard won knowledge and guidance in a friendly, conversational style.  She doesn’t hold anything back, and every page contains useful information and ideas.”  Kelly Paquet

Leading Up To The Launch Date

The planned launch date for How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy is August 1st! It’s coming up quickly! 

I’m almost finished my final edits of the manuscript after getting feedback from my Book Launch Team. You might recall one of my recent blog posts asking for volunteers for my Book Launch Team, for which I got a great response. For those who signed up and were accepted to my team, they received a free advanced copy of my ebook, in exchange for giving me their feedback about it before I publish it. 

So far, the feedback has been amazing! If I had any doubts that I was the person to write this book before, the responses from those who have read it so far have quashed them.

I have been brought to tears reading some of the feedback from those who have read an advanced copy of  this book and how much they feel it will help them in their art career. 

Book Launch Date scheduled for August 1st!

Stay Tuned For The Launch!

I’m so excited for you to be able to read this book. A lot of my normal writer’s nerves have been swept away by the tremendous response I’ve gotten from those who have read it so far. This book is concise and to the point, so as not to waste anyone’s precious time. It’s written in a conversational manner and contains actionable advice that I’ve used and researched and I have no doubt will help other artists. 


As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me or write to me in the comments! 

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