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FIXATION – Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal!

It’s here! Today, January 12th 2022, is cover reveal day for my latest book and my first novel: FIXATION. Check it out below and learn more about this upcoming book, plus you can now pre-order your paperback copy!



“If I let you go,” he said cautiously, “are you going to behave?”

My body shook and it was all I could do to stare back at him.

He released my bruised wrists and I winced noticeably, drawing them toward me with haste. Then he backed away from me, far enough to be out of reach, and stood there eyeing me. His fingers reached up to touch the glistening cut on his face and he raised one brow, looking frustrated, amused, and…something else.

I leaned back against the desk, body aching, mind racing with questions
about what was going to happen next….




What started as a dream when I was merely a teenager has now become the essence of my first novel, FIXATION.

These characters have been occupying space in my mind for 16 years. I think it’s high time for them to be introduced to the world and see what YOU think of them.

With lots of action, plenty of suspense, and a bit of romance, this book is begging to be your next read. Escape into the pages and get lost in the world of Ariana and Owen as they test each others wits, patience, and emotions in this intriguing romantic suspense.


Warning: Don’t read at bedtime if you don’t want to stay up all night reading…