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New Art Exhibit: Disappearing Act…


As you walk into the newly renovated New Moon Cafe in Burlington, VT, you’ll notice beautiful large wildlife photos lining the walls of their gorgeous seating area toward the back of their large space…

But wait…

You take a step closer and realize, those aren’t photographs at all. Those are drawings! 

New Exhibit on Display

For the months of November and December, my colored pencil artwork will be on display at the New Moon Cafe in Burlington, VT. If you’ve never been there, now is the time to go! This space has been newly renovated and is one of the warmest and most inviting atmospheres around town. 

Plus, if you go between now and the end of December 2018, you’ll be able to view my display, “Disappearing Act…,” on the walls. 

Disappearing Act…

This exhibit is called “Disappearing Act…” because it features animals that are considered Threatened, Endangered, or Vulnerable. It also features a number of drawings of mine that have NEVER been on display in public before! 

As you walk through the exhibit featuring these gorgeous animals, keep in mind the title of the display and know that these animals need our help. 

That’s why if you purchase one of the drawings, or any prints or products because you saw this display or during the Art Reception on December 5th, some of the proceeds will go to conservation organizations that help that particular species. 

Me putting up this display, hanging my Lemurs colored pencil drawing, which features a mother and baby Ring-Tailed Lemurs, which like all Lemur species, is endangered and losing its habitat at an alarming rate.

Threatened & Endangered = The Centerpiece

The centerpiece of this exhibit involves the first three drawings I’ve completed for my current Threatened & Endangered series. This series, as many of you know, is focused on animals that are endangered or nearly endangered, and brings them to life in larger black and white drawings. These drawings are different than my usual pencil drawings in four ways: 

  1. They’re not brightly colored, they’re in black and white to help bring more emotion to the pieces 
  2. They’re bigger than my usual pieces, to bring more attention to them
  3. They’re drawings of the whole body of the animal, not just a portrait
  4. They don’t have backgrounds, instead the background is left stark white, both to bring more attention to the animal subjects, but also to represent the fact that their habitats are disappearing…

Two of these three drawings have never been on display before, including the Black Rhino drawing, which is one of the biggest ones I’ve done to date. Check them out in person as part of this exhibit to see the impact these drawings have on viewers. 


Want to talk to me about the artwork while you’re there, have some food, and make an evening of it? Come to the Art Reception for this exhibit on December 5th, 4-6pm! 

DATE: December 5th

TIME: 4-6pm

LOCATION: New Moon Cafe, Burlington, VT 

Sneak peek at part of the display…

But Wait, There’s More! 

The Art Reception isn’t the only thing happening that evening! December 5th is also the in-person release of BOTH of my books in paperback form! 

What does that mean? 

That means the Art Reception is actually a TRIPLE event with the Reception and a Double Book Launch Party all at once! 

Talk art, have some food, talk about the books, and get your signed, numbered copy of each of my two books! 

Don’t know about my books yet? Check them out here. 

Check out the event page for this opening reception here, and RSVP to this event on Facebook here