Cloudy Sunset – Face Mask


A one-size-fits-all cloth mask/face covering with elastic bands that go behind the ears making it quick and easy to put on without hassle! Perfect for running to the grocery store, getting gas, running errands, going to appointments, etc.

These masks have my original artwork custom printed onto the cloth mask material for a vibrant and unique image!

Double layer of cloth for extra protection, with room to insert an extra filter if you’d like to do so.


These are one-size-fits-all, so if you have a smaller face and they are a little loose, all you have to do is tie a quick knot in the ear loop to tighten it up and fit your face with ease! 

Mask Wearing Tips:

– If you have glasses that get fogged up wearing a mask, it might help to add a tissue inside the mask (in the top section) to help capture some of the moisture. Also try to make it tighter at the top and looser by your chin, if possible to help air flow downward.

– If you don’t like the elastic behind your ears, you can tie the elastics to one another around the back of your head with a string or latch. Some makers on places like Etsy are making items specifically for this purpose.

– Keep mask over your nose and mouth at all times when out in public.

– Wash your mask after each use.

– Try not to touch your mask when wearing it (or your face).

– When you’re out in public, wear the mask, but when you are in your car or outside away from other people, you can take it off.

– It’s suggested you have multiple masks so you can wash them and rotate them out.


Due to high demand, it may take up to a few weeks for these to ship. 

Questions? Contact me for more info!


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