November 15, 2017

Seasonal Products – Only Now Until The End Of The Year!

by Corrina Thurston

It’s that time of year where we start thinking about holidays and gift shopping! Christmas carols are going to be on the radio soon, you’ll start looking at everything in the stores as potential stocking stuffers or gifts, fretting over what to get certain people…

It’s also the time of year when I have seasonal products available! These are products I may not have at other times of the year, or they’re very limited in supply, so get them while you can!

Decorative Pillows:

One of my all-time favorite seasonal items are the decorative pillows! You can get almost any of my artwork on one of these square pillows. They can be double-sided, or have a single color (usually black or white) on the back side. I’ve even had people order pillows that have one piece of artwork on one side, and another on the back!

Contact me to make your order.


The smaller size is 14 inches square for $25. (Featured here is my Snow Leopard drawing.)


The larger size is 18 inches square for $37. (Featured here is my African Elephant drawing.)

There are two sizes available:

Small = 14 inches square for $25

Large = 18 inches square for $37

(These prices do not include shipping, which is typically $6.) 

These make great gifts! Contact me directly to order yours today! 



48-piece puzzle featuring my Blue-Eyed Kitten colored pencil drawing.

You can also get my artwork as a 48-piece puzzle! Most of my artwork is available as these puzzles, only available until the end of 2017!

Each puzzle is $32. Contact me directly to order yours! 

48-piece puzzle featuring my Beagle/Dachshund Puppy drawing.



Coaster, featuring my Kingfisher colored pencil drawing.


You can also get coasters of my artwork, from now until the end of 2017. They come in a set of 4 for $32. Again, most of my artwork is available in this form! Contact me directly to order yours.  

Coaster, featuring my Two Capuchin Monkeys colored pencil drawing.


Kid’s T-Shirts:

Kid’s T-Shirt featuring my Black Rhino drawing.

For a limited time you can also get kid’s t-shirts with my artwork on the front. The drawings of my Black Rhino and African Elephant, with their white backgrounds, look particularly good on t-shirts! (Adult shirts available too!)

Each shirt is $18. Contact me to order yours. 

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