How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy – E-Book

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“I just finished reading Corrina Thurston’s book HOW TO BUILD YOUR ART BUSINESS WITH LIMITED TIME OR ENERGY for the second time and I can honestly say that my life would be very different now if I’d had this manual to build an art career in my 20’s! That being said, in the spirit of “never too late,” I will be implementing the many guidelines and pointers she has laid out so plainly in this very smart guide.

That Corrina was able to build a successful art career, essentially from zero (starting to draw from her sickbed to keep busy) to creating quality art, exhibitions, writing and getting grants, collaborations and more is inspirational.

Need a boost for your career? You will likely find the roadmap here, and enjoy the journey!” ­

– Susan Donze



Learn To:

  • Prioritize what’s most important in your art business
  • Grow your audience
  • Be more productive in the time you have
  • Discover your unique working style to optimize your results
  • Make the right goals
  • And much more!






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