June 27, 2017

Be A Part Of My Launch Team – 10 Free Copies Of My Upcoming EBook

by Corrina Thurston


Hey everyone!

You may recall a few weeks ago I mentioned I was going to be publishing an ebook called How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy. Well, we’re getting closer and closer to launching that book!

Upcoming E-Book.

Right now I’m looking for at least 10 people to be a part of my launch team. Below is what I’m looking for, and what being a part of my launch team entails.


What Is A Launch Team?

As I get ready to publish my book, I’m looking for people to become a part of my launch team. A launch team is a group of people who read the book in advance and give feedback, making the book as good as it can be! These people will be my beta readers, and for their participation, they’ll get a free downloadable copy of my book BEFORE I release it to the public.


What Do I Hope To Get From My Launch Team?

If you sign up to be a part of my launch team, I’ll send you a free copy of my ebook, either as a Word document or a PDF, before I publish it to the public. What you’re agreeing to by signing up is that you will:

  • Read the book in its entirety (it’s 40,000 words, so about half of a typical novel)
  • Read the book within a week of receiving it
  • Send me honest feedback about what you think of the book
  • Agree to post a review on Amazon after the book is published (positive or negative)
  • Post about the book on social media after the launch if you like it!

How Does It Work?

Feel like this is something that you’d love to do? Awesome!

What you need to do if you’re interested in being a part of my launch team is contact me and let me know! Give me your email address so I can send you the file, let me know if you’d prefer it as a Word or PDF file, and then let me know that you received it and when you’ve finished reading it!

All interactions will happen via email, and if you have any questions, you can always feel free to reach out to me. If you want to skip the contact page on the website and email me directly, my best email is: corrinathurston@gmail.com

Deadline to contact me to be a part of my launch team is July 2nd!


Let’s Go Team!

With your help I’m hoping to make this book the best it can be and create a successful launch. But I need you! So if you’re interested in reading this book about creating and building an art business with limited time or energy, contact me and be a part of my launch team!

You might even get your name in the book! 😉

Looking forward to meeting my new team!

5 thoughts on “Be A Part Of My Launch Team – 10 Free Copies Of My Upcoming EBook

  1. I’d like to read your new book!!!

  2. I would be happy to be part of your launch team. I am very interested in reading your book, and I am a published writer myself.

  3. Would love to be part of your launch team!

  4. You can sign me up!

  5. Sounds like this book is written just for me! I am trying to build an art business but not sure how, my time is limited and energy…..What’s that?! If you choose my help I would like the opportunity to receive book as a Pdf.

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