September 26, 2017

Now Back Open To Commissions!

by Corrina Thurston


Happy October, everyone! As many of you know, I was closed to commissions for the last couple months in order to focus on all the events I was planning and some artwork of my own. I’m happy to announce that as of today, I am back OPEN to commissions! 

How Commissions Work

You may be thinking, that’s great, but how do I go about getting one? 

If you’re interested in having a commissioned drawing made for you, all you have to do is send me an email at, and include the photo you’re hoping to have drawn. If you include the photo I can give you a definite yes or no as to whether I CAN draw it for you, and give you a more precise price quote because I’ll be able to know how difficult it can be. 

If you know you want the commission in graphite (black and white), or if you want it in colored pencil, say that in your email too. If you have a specific size in mind, let me know. If you’re not sure about sizing, I can give you price quotes for multiple sizes to choose from. 

The Difference Between Graphite & Colored Pencil

The biggest difference between graphite and colored pencil is that graphite is in black and white and colored pencil is in color. 

Jada, in colored pencil. 

Graphite is somewhat cheaper than colored pencil because it takes less time and less materials to complete each drawing. 

Many times, with graphite the background is left blank to bring attention to the subject in the drawing, whereas with colored pencil there’s usually at least a color for the background. 

“Max” in graphite. 

Graphite takes less time and can be finished for you a little more quickly. 

Both graphite and colored pencil can be shiny, but it’s more noticeable with certain graphite drawings that have dark areas that might have a sheen to them. 

Both are varnished the same, signed, and you choose if you want to pay a little extra to have me mat and frame the piece for you or not. 

Both are drawn on white mixed media board. 


Types Of Drawings I’ve Done For Commissions

When I say commissions, I’m definitely open to more than just pet portraits. Here’s a look at some of the commissions I’ve done in the past, ranging from small ones in graphite for $150, to ones that are quite large in colored pencil for $15o0. 

Below you can see a variety of commissions I’ve done in the past, from dogs and cats, to guinea pigs, birds, people, babies, children, all the way to ultrasounds, trucks, and drawings on wood!

Above are a few commissions I’ve done in the past, including a truck, a guinea pig, a wild tufted titmouse bird, and an ultrasound! 
Tyler, in graphite.





Sarah & Ian, in graphite





Jellyfish, in colored pencil, shown here matted and framed. 



This was a special commission done on a wooden coat rack, in colored pencil. (Yes, I can do your commission on wood!)
This is my biggest commission to date, at 24×32 inches big, of three children in 3 different scenes. 

If you have a photo you’re interested in having drawn, but you’re not sure if it’s something I’ll draw, send it to me to find out! Send your photos here:


What Makes Me Say No To A Commission

Sometimes I have to say no to a commission simply because the photo is not of good enough quality. I can only draw what I can see, so if a photo is blurry or the subject in the photo is far away and tiny, then I can’t accept those commissions. I need good quality, clear, well-lit, and up-close photos from which to work for best results. 

I can’t work from blurry photos, they have to be crisp and clear for me to see what I’m drawing!

You also need to have an original photo for copyright issues. If you want me to draw an image from a magazine that you like, I can’t do that. That photo is copyrighted by the photographer or the magazine, and I don’t have permission to draw it and make money from that image. However, if you bring me one of your own photos or a photo from a free reference photo site, that’s something I can work from without a legal issue. 

I also say no to a commission if I think your expectations are beyond what I’m capable of doing, if you’re not willing to pay the cost of the drawing, if you don’t sign the contract, if you’re at all mean/degrading/belittling/etc., or if you’re not considerate of my time and effort. 


What’s In My Client Contract


There are three main things I ask for in my client contract for commissions. 

1.) You can’t put me on a deadline. I know you may want your commission done in time for the holidays, and I’ll do my best to get it to you in time, but I don’t guarantee it to be done by any deadline. This is because I may have other commissions already lined up ahead of yours, or I may need to take time off from drawing to give workshops, speeches, write my books, plan events, etc., or simply because I have a chronic illness and I’m never sure what to expect from my health from one day to another. This means one week I could draw for a few hours most days, or I may need to go weeks or even months without drawing. It’s something I can’t control, so I put it in the contract to make sure my client is aware of this and doesn’t have expectations that I can’t meet. I’ll still get it done as quickly as I can, but that may mean in a couple weeks, or in a few months. 

2.) I don’t start a commission until I have half of the payment in my hand. This down-payment is nonrefundable and is used to buy the materials I’ll need to do the drawing, and cover a little bit of my time. The second half of the payment is due when the piece is finished, before sending it to you (although you’ll certainly see photos of the drawing as it progresses and then of the finished product before you’re expected to pay). 

3.) I try to keep my commission prices low, despite the amount of time and energy that goes into them. In order to do this I ask each of my clients to let me keep a high-resolution scan of their final drawing to use in my portfolio, but also to use in the creation of products (if the piece would make sense as a product), like mousepads, notecards, keychains, necklaces, and more. Not all commissions are going to be used this way, especially those of people, but some will be used and those products sold, so I put it in my contract to make sure I have your permission to do this. 


What Should You Do Now? 

Send me a photo! If you’re interested in having me make a custom drawing for you, send me your photo and I’ll give you the info you need to decide if it’s right for you, including if the photo is of good enough quality, sizing options, price ranges for different sizes, and the contract. 

Also, if you have questions, feel free to contact me! Again, my email for commissions is:

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