May 31, 2017

Joint Giveaway With Rescue The Elephants!

by Corrina Thurston

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me! I apologize for the lack of communication lately, I’ve unfortunately had a lot of extra health issues (on top of my usual chronic illnesses), was in the ER, I had family members in the ER with even more serious issues, I’ve been in the process of moving, and then my computer died!

So, now that things have settled a little, I’m back!


Recent Giveaway

Recently I partnered with a company called Rescue The Elephants to do a Facebook giveaway! I gave away a matted print of my African Elephant drawing and they gave away one of their most popular elephant scarves.

The giveaway ran on Facebook only and people had to like both of our pages and share the image to be included.


My giveaway prize was an 8×10-inch matted print of my African Elephant drawing!


About Rescue The Elephants

Rescue The Elephants is a family business that sells apparel and jewelry with bright, fun images related to elephants and nature. Some of their proceeds from their sales go toward conservation efforts.

The main organization they contribute towards is:

The other organization they contribute towards is:

Both of those organizations are known for putting their donated dollars into action in the field, which is why they’ve chosen them as their primary organizations to donate to.

Check out the Rescue The Elephant website to learn more about them.

Blue Scarf – The giveaway prize from Rescue The Elephants!


It Pays To Be A Fan!

We chose a winner this weekend and posted it yesterday, so check out our Facebook pages to see who won! And if you’re not a fan of my Facebook page already, you’re missing out! Go like my page to be able to join in on future giveaways!

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