September 8, 2016

My Favorite Part Of The Drawing Process

by Corrina Thurston

I love drawing. Like many artists, I find the process of drawing therapeutic. When I get “in the zone,” time is no longer of notice and hours can pass without me realizing.

Drawing, however, is not my favorite part of creating artwork. Surprised? Most people are. It’s natural to think that the best part of an artist’s career is when their in the studio creating, that it’s what they live for and all they want to do.

This is partially true for me. I do love that solitary studio time where it’s just me and my pencils, working away to discover a drawing. However, there’s one thing that I love more.


My Favorite Part Of Making Artwork

Here’s where I stray from the artist crowd. Most artists relish the process of making their craft, whether it’s drawing, painting, jewelry-making, collage, etc. It’s the process that they love and they get lost in their craft.

This happens to me too! But it’s not my favorite part.

My favorite part is… seeing the finished work hanging on my walls. Yup, that’s it. It’s a simple pleasure, but it stops me in my tracks every time I walk into my studio or hang work for a display.

Seeing those matted, signed, and framed pieces of artwork tugs at my heartstrings.

I never thought this was something I would be able to do.

Some of my artwork hanging during the South End Art Hop, 2015.
Some of my artwork hanging during the South End Art Hop, 2015.

Why This Is My Favorite Part

As many of you know, I first started drawing while I was nearly bedridden with an unknown (at the time) illness. I was horribly sick and was incapable of doing just about anything. Once I started drawing, the process was certainly comforting and therapeutic, but seeing the finished drawings on the wall was even more so. There on my walls was proof that I could still be productive. I could still contribute SOMETHING. It proved to me over and over again that I could still DO something.

I get teary-eyed just writing about this. It was unbearably difficult for me to be forced into a bed, in excruciating, constant pain, and not be able to contribute to anything. One of the hardest parts of being so sick was not being productive at all.

Drawing helped change that. And seeing my finished work reaffirms to me daily that I still have something to contribute to this world.

Me working on my Two Capuchin Monkeys drawing a few years ago. Back when I had short red hair!
Me working on my Two Capuchin Monkeys drawing a few years ago. Back when I had short red hair!

A Close Runner-Up

So that’s my favorite part, but what’s my second favorite?

You guessed it, the actual drawing process.

Despite the very frustrating moments, there are times when drawing takes your mind into a different world, almost like meditation. It’s no wonder adult coloring books are becoming such a huge thing right now. It’s a great way to take your mind off of the stress in your life.

Granted, there are also times when working on a particularly challenging section of drawing where you just want to take a knife to the piece and be done with it!

There’s always a little of both. The challenges, however, are almost always worth it when you get to that finished drawing. And then there it is, hanging on the wall, an accomplishment that I never take for granted.


If you’re a fellow creative, what’s your favorite part of your craft?

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