Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you sell originals?

Yes! Many of my originals are for sale. Contact me for information about pricing.

Do you do commissioned drawings?

Yes! If you have a photo of your pet or loved one, or just a photo you’ve taken that you particularly like and want drawn, check out my general info about commissions here and then contact me with your photo to see if it’s something I can draw for you.

What is a metal print?

Metal prints are a new way to make prints of artwork by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. The images are brilliant and the details are super crisp.

The prints are 1/4-inch thick and the corners have 1/8-inch rounded edges so they aren’t sharp.

Hanging your metal print is easy! Metal prints have a removable backer that is used for hanging the piece as is, pushing the metal half an inch out from the wall. If you’d prefer to frame your piece, the backer can be removed and the piece can be easily framed.

Look at the print options for sizing and prices!

Print Pricing Table

What is a canvas print?

Canvas prints are printed from a specialty Giclee (gee-clay) printer onto quality canvas, then stretched over wooden framing, like a canvas painting.

You can choose a canvas print that has a depth (how far it comes out away from the wall) of ¾ inches, or 1½ inches.

You can see options and pricing here.

Print Pricing Table

What is the difference between the unframed, matted, and framed prints?

Unframed prints are just the print itself. The print is from a specialty Giclee (gee-clay) printer, on high quality art paper, it’s not matted or framed. It is typically shipped flat or in a tube.

Matted prints are the same Giclee print on high quality art paper, with an off-white matting.

Framed prints are the same Giclee print on high quality art paper, with an off-white matting, framed in a simple black metal frame.

Check out sizes and pricing here.

Print Pricing Table

What are Giclee prints?

Giclee (gee-clay) prints are made from a specialty printer with a large amount of ink colors that allow the printer to make a greater variety of color and more closely resemble the original piece of artwork. The detail and vibrance of color are incredibly close to the original artwork.

Do you draw from photos?

Yes. Sometimes I have a photo that I have taken, or that someone else has taken and wants me to draw, or a photo I’ve found and asked permission of the photographer to use, and I draw it with minimal changes to the composition and colors. Sometimes I use a handful of reference photos from myself or others to create an image that uses a piece of each of them. For example, the eye of one photo, the face of another, the background colors of another, with the foliage of yet another.

What causes/organizations does your artwork support?

I obviously feel very strongly about animals, so my artwork mostly helps wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Below are some of the organizations I have and will continue to support with some of the proceeds from my artwork.

How do I contact you?

The best way to contact me is via this website.

What products do you sell of your artwork?

I hand make necklaces, earrings, and keychains out of my artwork. I also make different types of prints, mugs, mousepads, and greeting cards. You can check out all my products in the Shop section of my website.

Do you teach classes or give lessons?

Due to my chronic illness, I’m not yet able to teach classes in person, but I am currently in the process creating an online course. Sign up for my newsletter or keep checking back here to get updates on when the courses are available!

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How do I learn about upcoming events?

To learn about events, receptions, classes, new products, and other updates, sign up for my newsletter!

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How do I go about hiring you to speak for my organization/school/event?

Contact me!

How do I learn more about you?

To learn more about me, first check out my About section of my website here.

To get to know me more, feel free to like my Facebook page, which I update regularly.

What’s your shipping policy?

I ship primarily via USPS, the United States Postal Service. I package most things myself, but I only charge you the amount it costs to ship, not the time it takes or the packaging materials.

It takes me between a day and two weeks to ship something out, depending on if I have to make it or if it is already in stock.

If there’s a different way you would like me to ship something to you, please let me know!

Do you have a return policy?

Yes! If you’re not happy with your purchase within the first 30 days, you can send it back and get a refund on the product, other than shipping fees.