January 4, 2018

End Of Year Round Up – 2017

by Corrina Thurston


What a year! 2017 was a struggle health-wise and emotionally as I know it was for a lot of people. Many people, myself included, are rather glad in some respects that it’s over. However, it was also my second full year in business and a lot of exciting things have happened too!

My Second Year As An Entrepreneur

Wow. Two years as an entrepreneur, running a business based around my artwork. If you’d asked me a few years ago, I never thought that would happen. Before 2010 I didn’t even think I had an ounce of creative talent, let alone enough to create artwork that people would like, buy, and share with their friends. If you’d called me an “artist” anytime before 2015, I would have laughed at you and shaken my head. I would have responded, “I’m not an artist.”

That changed part-way through 2015, when I started to fully embrace my artwork as a career. 

Now, when asked what I do for a living, I proudly say that I’m a wildlife artist. I say I specialize in vibrant, detailed colored pencil drawings, and then explain to most people that yes, it’s possible to have a colored pencil drawing that is detailed and VIBRANT and absolutely love the look of shock on their face when I show them examples of my work. 

But as of this year, my second full year as an entrepreneur, I’m also an author, speaker, consultant, and wildlife conservationist. 

The Highlights

Below are some of the HIGHLIGHTS of 2017!

  • I experimented with drawing on wood, and found out I love it! 
  • I created my first drawing on furniture, my very popular Luna Moth drawing on a stool.
Luna Moth
In colored pencil on a wood stool
  • I wrote guest blog posts for well-known art business blogs like: Artsy Shark, Manhattan Arts International, The Healing Power of Art, The Abundant Artist, Artwork Archive, and more. 

  • My first book, How To Build Your Art Business: With Limited Time or Energy, was a #1 best-seller on Amazon in the Art of Business category, and named one of the “Best Books For Artists” by Artsy Shark. WOW! It also has all 5-star reviews so far on Amazon. Double WOW! 
  • My African Elephant drawing won the Artist Choice Award at the Festival of Fine Arts, hosted by Arts Alive in Burlington, VT.
  • I had solo exhibits of my artwork, and was part of group exhibits at places like: New Moon Cafe, SEABA, Creative Space Gallery, Spring Street Gallery, SPACE Gallery, South End Art Hop, North Star Sports, Arts Alive at Main St. Landing, The AM Art Shop, BioTek Instruments, The Milton Artist Guild Art Center, the Island Arts Gallery, Morgan Orchards, Phoenix Diagnostic Labs, Exile on Main Street, and more.
My exhibit at Morgan Orchards this year in Randolph, VT.
  • I was interviewed by these publications: The Times Argus, The Seven Days, The Islander, and Take Magazine. Click on any of these to read the articles!
  • I became a member of the Vermont Businesses For Social Responsibility.
  • I was able to donate more than last year to wildlife conservation efforts, a cause that is extremely important to me and one with which I strive to use my artwork (and some of my proceeds) to help.
  • I held a number of art demonstrations and signings, including a signing of my 2017 poster design at the Tunbridge World’s Fair! 
Signing posters featuring my design for the 2017 Tunbridge World’s Fair.
  • I spoke as a keynote speaker for organizations/groups.
  • I created new artwork, like my Tiger Eyes, the Mandarin, the Kitten Heart, the Jada commission, a number of other commissions, the Tree Swallow, my Luna Moth stool, and the ever popular Black Rhino drawing.
Some of my artwork from 2017.
  • I mentored other artists.
  • I made some AMAZING connections.
  • I positioned myself for some potential BIG things in 2018!


Thank You!

With everything that’s happened this year, both good and bad, I just want to say THANK YOU. I have the BEST. FANS. I’m especially thankful for everyone who bought something from me and help me keep this business going.

I’m also especially grateful to everyone who has read my book and reached out to me after reading it and told me how much it’s helped them. I’ve literally been brought to tears with some of the feedback I’ve received from my readers. When you write a book you never know what people are going to think of it. To be told how helpful the info in the book has been and will be to my readers, has been amazing. To hear over and over again that my book is a “must-read for artists” is the best thing I could have hoped for and I’m quite humbled and overwhelmed with the response. So THANK YOU. 

If you haven’t yet and are interested in reading the book, you can order and download it here

Thank you, my dear fans and readers, customers and clients, for your support, loyalty, and help as I keep developing my business and my artwork. Let’s keep it going! 


I wish you all the best for your 2018! 


2 thoughts on “End Of Year Round Up – 2017

  1. May this year be more fulfilling for you as an artist and as an entrepreneur. Your Book ” How to build your art business” added to the Reading List.Good Luck Corrina!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the book! Let me know what you think when you read it!

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