July 11, 2017

On The Drawing Board – Upcoming Series Of Drawings

by Corrina Thurston


Hey everyone! It’s finally July and a LOT is happening here! Here’s just a few examples:

  • Soon my ebook (How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy) will be published! I’ll be writing another blog post about this when it launches. Tentatively scheduled launch date is August 1st, and I’m scurrying to get things ready!
  • I’m finishing up my current commissions and then I’ll be CLOSED TO COMMISSIONS for the summer. This is so I can focus on all the other things I have going on this summer!
  • I’m still working on drawings on wood and this summer I’ll be doing my first drawing on a piece of wood furniture! I’ll keep you updated.
  • I’m getting ready for the annual Art Hop in Burlington’s south end! Always a great event, put together by SEABA.
  • Plus I’m getting everything ready for an upcoming solo exhibit of my artwork at New Moon Cafe in Burlington, VT for September/October! This will have artwork that’s never before been seen in public! Tentative date for the Opening Reception is September 22nd. Stay tuned for more details.
Solo exhibit at New Moon Cafe in Burlington, VT will take place September/October 2017! Tentative date for the Opening Reception is September 22nd.
  • I’ll also be at the Tunbridge World’s Fair in September to sign posters!
  • And finally, what this post is about… I’m currently working on a new series of drawings of endangered species! Learn more about them below.

Closed To Commissions This Summer

Unfortunately with everything going on and getting things ready for a VERY busy September, after I finish my current commissions I’ll be closed to new commissions this summer. It’s likely that I will begin accepting commissions again sometime in September or October (for the holiday season), but that’s not known yet.

As demand rises, prices are rising somewhat as well. The more commissions I’m asked to do, the less time I have to work on them and everything else, so prices will be increasing later in the year (for commissions only, everything else will stay the same price).

One of my favorite commissions of this year. Jada, 11×14 inches big, in prismacolor pencils on mixed media board.

If you know you want a commission, get your name in soon! I’m already making a list of people who want one when I open back up to them, and it’s first come first serve, so even though I’m not accepting them yet, if you think you’ll want one for later this year or next year, contact me and I can add you to the list!

New Endangered Species Series

I’m excited to say that this summer I’ll be working on a new series of drawings focused on certain well-known, and perhaps some lesser-known, endangered species. You all know my love for wildlife and that I strive to have my artwork bring awareness to animals and conservation efforts. I continually donate to organizations that work toward land and wildlife conservation.

This series is meant to differ slightly from my usual drawing style and really bring attention to certain animals and their struggles to survive in this world as they lose their habitat or are being hunted.

Each drawing will be much larger than I usually work, with the one I’m working on now being 22×30 inches big (bigger than my drawing table!).

New drawing is bigger than my drawing table!

These drawings will also be created in graphite and black colored pencil, instead of in full color. I think the black and white nature of these drawings, along with the size and detail, will make them stand out and garner more attention. Each drawing will be JUST the animal, no background, bringing stark attention to each one alone, and their disappearing habitats.

The First Of The Series

The first drawing of this series was my African Elephant drawing! This piece was 18×24 inches big and was created to help bring awareness to the plight of the African Elephants, of which 96 are being killed each day for their ivory by poachers.

Example of a metal print of my African Elephant drawing.

As you may recall, I filmed this piece as I drew it and created a speed-drawing video of it, which you can watch again below, and 20% of the proceeds from prints of this drawing are being collected and donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants conservation campaign. If you’re interested in a print, you can purchase them here.

Next In The Series

My next drawing in the series is one that I just barely started of a Black Rhinoceros! I’ll be posting the progress of this piece on my Instagram account and on Facebook, so make sure to follow me on both of those! Plus I’m filming the piece to make another speed drawing video, similar to that of the African Elephant.

Progress on the Black Rhino drawing so far.

What’s Next?

What’s after the Black Rhino? You tell me! Which one do you think I should do next out of the following? Tell me in the comments!

  • Snow Leopard
  • Western Lowland Gorilla
  • Baby Orangutan
  • Sea Turtle
  • Ringtail Lemur
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