Do you have a favorite photo of your pet or loved one that you’d love to have immortalized as a drawing? Send it to me!

I take a limited amount of commissions each year, so feel free to contact me and send me what photo you’d like drawn to see if I am open to commissions at the time, or if I feel like your photo is one that I’d be able to draw for you! I always tell clients to recognize that I can only draw what I can see, so if the reference photo is not great quality with a lot of detail, the drawing can’t be great quality with lots of details. The drawing can only be as good as the photo.

Here’s a bit of info about commissions for you to know in advance:



I do commissions in two separate mediums, graphite or colored pencil.

Colored pencil is obviously in color and it takes a long time, a lot of effort, and a lot of materials to finish a piece. This means it’s more expensive to do a commission in colored pencil.











Graphite is a great quality image in black and white, but it takes a little less time and materials, which means it’s a little less expensive.





Colored Pencil: Depending on difficulty of the image you’d like drawn and the size you’d like, prices range from $250 to $850.

Graphite: Depending on difficulty of the image you’d like drawn and the size you’d like, price ranges from $150 to $450.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These prices are for SINGLE subject commissions only, in the typical smaller three sizes shown below. If you’re looking to do a more complicated commission, a bigger commission, or one with multiple subjects, the price will be higher. Feel free to contact me to find out what it would cost to do your specific drawing!


The typical sizes I work in are:

  • 8×10 inches
  • 11×14 inches
  • 16×20 inches
  • 18×24 inches
  • 24×30 inches


What I request from you:

There are a few things I ask of each of my clients. The first is to be patient with me, as I do have a chronic illness and sometimes there are weeks at a time when I cannot draw due to a debilitating migraine and fatigue. And some weeks I can draw for multiple days in a row. This makes it difficult for me to be put on a definitive deadline because I never know how I’m going to feel or how long something will take me. I will, however, get it done as quickly as I can.

The second thing I ask is for half of the payment when I start the drawing, non-refundable, to cover the cost of my materials. If you don’t like the finished drawing, you do not have to pay the second half, but if you do like it (hopefully!) the second half of the payment is due when I finish the piece. Typically I will send you photos as I am drawing as well, so you can see the progress every few days once I start it!

The third thing is a request on my part to be able to use the final image. You get the original drawing to have and keep and I would have a high resolution scan of the image to be able to make products of, such as greeting cards, prints, calendars, mousepads, mugs, jewelry, keychains, etc. and sell to other people. I would have your permission to use the image in my portfolio, on my website, as part of some of my exhibits (in print form), etc.

These three things are very important. For legal reasons, for these three requests, if you are okay with them, I need your written permission via a response email and a signed contract, so I know I have your permission. I don’t want to think I have your permission to use the image for other products to sell, and then learn that I don’t!

Feel free to contact me to learn more and get a price quote for your own commissioned drawing!