August 30, 2017

Check Out These Guest Blog Posts

by Corrina Thurston


Thanks to my recent book, How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy, I’ve been writing a number of guest blog posts. These posts involve well-known art business websites, and I didn’t want my own blog followers to miss out on their content! 

If you haven’t checked out my book yet, you can do so here! Thanks to everyone who’s given me a review on Amazon! I’m continually amazed by the wonderful response readers are having to this book. If you think you have a friend who would like it, please share it with them! 

Recent Guest Blog Posts:

The Abundant Artist: Finding Your Unique Working Style

The Abundant Artist is a website that helps coach and teach artists how to build their art businesses. Cory Huff is the founder of TAA and wants to help disrupt the idea of the “starving artist,” which is something I’m passionate about doing as well. 

My article, Finding Your Unique Working Style, was a guest post for The Abundant Artist, and talks about the different types of working styles there are, why it’s important to find yours, and how it can help you grow your art business. 

Hermit Crab
In colored pencil

Artwork Archive: Ways To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time

Artwork Archive is a tool for professional artists to help with organizing their inventory of artwork. They also have a website that has a blog full of helpful information for artists trying to create or grow their business. 

My article, Ways To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time, goes into brief detail about different ways to build your art business even if you have limited time. It talks about ways to be more productive, prioritize correctly, make the right goals, and more. 

Artsy Shark: 8 Ways To Be More Efficient

Artsy Shark is a website and blog devoted to helping artists build their businesses. It features artists to help them with exposure, and has a great blog of business information for artists. 

My article, 8 Ways To Be More Efficient, talks about just that, how to be more efficient. Having a chronic illness means that I have limited time to do my work, so I’ve learned many ways to be as efficient as possible. I share some of those techniques in this article. 

More To Come Soon! 

More guest posts are coming soon! Stay tuned. 

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