Estimated release date: December 2022

With lots of action, plenty of suspense, and a bit of romance, this novel (the first of a new trilogy) is begging to be your next read. Pre-order now or stay tuned to find out more.

How To Crush Self-Doubt and Gain Real Confidence

You’ll Learn:

– How to overcome your negative thoughts
– How to better manage your anxiety
– How to build your self-confidence and self-esteem
– How to get rid of unnecessary guilt
– How to avoid getting overwhelmed
– How to be better respected by your peers
– How to show more confidence and professionalism
– And much more!

How To Build Your Art Business: With Limited Time Or Energy

Learn how to:

– Be more productive and get more done in the time you have
– Prioritize what’s most important in your art business
– Grow your audience
– Make the right goals
– Avoid getting overwhelmed
– Create successful art marketing campaigns, online and in person
– Build successful partnerships with galleries, retailers, organizations, and other artists
– Make passive income
– And much more!

How To Communicate Effectively: For Artists & Creatives

You’ll Learn:

– How to write an EFFECTIVE artist bio/statement
– How to market your work
– Tips and tricks to speaking with ease
– The art of writing proposals
– Blogging tips
– How effective communication can lead to more sales
– Grant writing
– And much more!

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur – For Artists & Creatives

You’ll Learn:

– What it means to be a creative entrepreneur
– How and why to redefine yourself as an entrepreneur
– How to take charge of your business
– How to grow your audience
– How to get media exposure
– How to make more sales
– How to increase your professionalism
– And much more!