Why I Choose To Draw Animals

I light up every time I see an animal. It’s as if someone injected me with positive energy, and it doesn’t matter what species.

5 Other Contemporary Artists I Love

Here are 5 artists in particular whose work I admire and who are wonderful people too!

Behind The Scenes Of Commissions

Since this year I’ve taken on more commissions than ever before, I thought I’d give you a backstage pass and show you the joy, and the frustrations, of commissions.

My New Studio Assistant!

  Say Hi To My New Studio Helper! The last few weeks have been very busy and stressful in our household. But one thing that has brought a bright light […]

Behind The Scenes Of The Giraffe Drawing

It’s been a little while since I finished my latest drawing due to illness, traveling, and just plain being busy working on other parts of my business! Therefore, I’m happy […]

My Favorite Part Of The Drawing Process

Drawing, however, is not my favorite part of creating artwork. Surprised? Most people are….

How I Motivate Myself To Draw

This blog post is based on a question I received by one of my Facebook followers: How do I get motivated to draw?

10 Reasons I Love Being An Artist

Artists are some of the most interesting, unique, crazy, uncomfortable, conflicted, insecure, amazing, and inspirational people I have ever met…

Behind The Scenes Of The African Elephant Drawing

20% of the proceeds from prints sold of this drawing will be donated to the 96 Elephants conservation campaign…

Behind The Scenes Of The Cooper’s Hawk Drawing

Cooper’s Hawk was an experiment for two reasons: it was drawn just using black, white, and grey pencils, and it was the first drawing I ever filmed…