Drawing With Corrina – Session 1 – How To LAYER With Colored Pencil

Welcome to Session One of Drawing With Corrina! In this session, you’ll learn techniques for creating opaque, VIBRANT color with colored pencil.

I Get Rejected Almost Daily – Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

  “No thanks.” (The entirety of a recent rejection I received.) Rejection is something we shy away from, something I’m not sure if anyone would view as a good thing. You certainly don’t strive to be rejected. And yet, when it comes to owning your own business, especially a creative one, rejection happens all the […]

Learn How To Draw In 2017 – How I Plan To Help You

if you’re someone who wants to know HOW I create my realistic, vibrant drawings, you’re in luck! Learn how to draw in colored pencil…

How To NOT Get Overwhelmed With A Complex Drawing

Here’s the techniques that I use to keep myself calm while attempting complex drawings.

My New Fascination With Drawing On Wood

January has been the month of drawing on wood! In my last blog post, I talked about my first drawing that I’ve done on wood, the Kitten Heart, which is shown below. This was an experiment for a charity event being held at Rustic Roots during the month of February.   My New Interest In […]

Behind The Scenes Of The Kitten Heart – My First Drawing On Wood

Behind the scenes of my first colored pencil drawing on wood!

Behind The Scenes Of The Gilding Commission

This drawing was a challenge, not only because it’s the biggest commission I’ve ever done, but because it was different than my normal animal artwork.

End Of The Year Roundup – 2016

This was my first full year as a creative entrepreneur. Here are some of the highlights of 2016!

Behind The Scenes Of The Tunbridge World’s Fair Poster Design

Behind the scenes of my latest project, the 2017 Tunbridge World’s Fair poster design!

What It’s Like Having Someone Buy My Artwork

Thanks to my customers, I get to do what I love. Because of you, I’m able to work for myself and create my artwork.