How to Hire Me as a Speaker & What to Expect

  As an artist and a writer, I know how to express a message in a way that grabs the audience’s attention. I have an appreciation for words, but also know that cadence and movement, humor and storytelling, are what make a speech truly memorable.  Like you, I’ve been witness to presentations that have left […]

New Art Exhibit: Disappearing Act…

  As you walk into the newly renovated New Moon Cafe in Burlington, VT, you’ll notice beautiful large wildlife photos lining the walls of their gorgeous seating area toward the back of their large space… But wait… You take a step closer and realize, those aren’t photographs at all. Those are drawings!  New Exhibit on […]

You Could Win A Free Book – Time Sensitive!

…you could enter to win a free paperback copy of my first book!

Etsy Shop Exclusive Products

  You know I love creating products featuring my artwork, and many of them are available in the shop section here on my website, but I wanted to write this quick post to talk about two product types in particular that are only available in my Etsy Shop.  Holiday season is sneaking up on us! […]

Behind The Scenes of the Lion Cub Drawing

  The Lion Cub, a new favorite for many of my fans, is the third in my Threatened & Endangered series of drawing, focusing on animals that are considered threatened, endangered, or vulnerable around the world. The Beginning Of The Series The first drawing in the series was the African Elephant, at 18×24 inches big. […]

The Moment I Knew I Was An Artist

…I slowly raised my eyebrow and tilted my head to the side and said…”Says who?”

The Emotional Story Behind The Blue-Eyed Kitten Drawing

… I threw all of that into this drawing of this fragile but hopeful kitten, staring off in the distance toward a future I had given up on until that moment…

Things To Look Forward To At C.A.T. Studios…

  Wow. I’ve been a lame blogger lately! You’re probably wondering why I dropped off the planet for blogging there for a while, eh?  Well, the last few months have had a lot of ups and downs, in every aspect of my life, and for most of the month of May, I was traveling and […]

Help Me Win Up To $26,000 For My Art Business!

The top 700 that will be scrutinized further are based on votes. The businesses with the most votes are the ones that will get into the next round! 

What To Expect From Me As A Business Consultant

Consulting As a professional artist and entrepreneur, a past president of the board of directors for an arts non-profit, and author of the book, How To Build Your Art Business: With Limited Time Or Energy, which was a number 1 bestseller on Amazon in the Art Business category, I also do a limited amount of business […]