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Etsy Shop Exclusive Products


You know I love creating products featuring my artwork, and many of them are available in the shop section here on my website, but I wanted to write this quick post to talk about two product types in particular that are only available in my Etsy Shop

Holiday season is sneaking up on us! Two products that make the BEST gifts featuring my wildlife artwork are my Photographic Prints and Art Pillows! But here’s the thing… you can ONLY buy them in my Etsy Shop, not here in my website shop. 

Browse My Etsy Shop Here


Photographic Prints

Photographic prints of my Black Rhino graphite and colored pencil drawing, showing the two available sizes.

Photographic Prints are crisp, gorgeous images of my artwork on high-quality photographic paper. They’re signed by me, the artist, in plastic sleeves for protection, and with backer boards for support. 

I LOVE these prints! The images pop and they’re a way to get one or more pieces of my artwork without breaking the bank. 

An 8×10-inch print is only $20! And an 11×14-inch print is only $30. 

Thanks to the size and the lower prices, these prints make great gifts. Do you know someone’s favorite animal? Get them a print of my drawing of that animal! Have someone who’s hard to buy for? Get them a print of one of my most popular drawings. 

Shop Photographic Prints Here

Photographic print of my Sea Turtle colored pencil drawing.

Art Pillows

An Art Pillow at the 18×18-inch size featuring my African Elephant graphite and colored pencil drawing. This one looks especially great with white, grey, or black on the back, or the same image on both sides.

Art pillows were available last year during the holiday season only via special order, but now they are available in my Etsy shop

These pillows have bright, crisp images of my wildlife artwork on them, and they look great! 

There’s three sizes available: 

  • 14×14 inches ($25)
  • 18×18 inches (my favorite) ($38)
  • 26×26 inches ($55) 

These make great gifts too and can give a quick and easy facelift to any room. Children, teens, and adults alike love these pillows! 

An Art Pillow at the 18×18-inch size that features my Japanese White Eyes colored pencil drawing.

The back of each pillow can be the same image as on the front, it can be a plain color, like black, white, grey, or other colors, or it can feature a different image of my artwork and be two-sided! Children especially love to have the pillows have one art image on one side and a different image on the other side. For example, for my niece who’s three, I got her a 14×14-inch pillow with the Blue-Eyed Kitten on one side and the Two Capuchin Monkeys on the other side for Christmas and she spent the rest of the day hugging the pillow and showing it to people. 

Shop Art Pillows Here

A 14×14-inch pillow featuring my Blue-Eyed Kitten drawing.
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Help Me Win Up To $26,000 For My Art Business!


Hi everyone! 

I’m excited to announce that I have recently submitted an application to the FedEx Small Business Grant competition. This is an annual competition for small businesses to potentially win the grand prize of $25,000, second prize of $15,000, or eight winners who get $7,500. 

As you can guess, there’s a lot of competition! Thousands of businesses have signed up and only the top 700 will even get looked at. Then they’ll narrow those down to the top 100 and those businesses are asked to fill out more information, and then they choose the top ten to win the grant prizes. 

How do they narrow down to the top 700? YOU! 



I Need Your Help

The top 700 that will be scrutinized further are based on votes. The businesses with the most votes are the ones that will get into the next round! 

That’s where you come in. In order help my art business expand and potentially have a space within my community, I need you to vote for me here. 

Vote For Me Here

You Can Also Help By…

Sharing with your friends! You can vote once a day and I would be so appreciative if you could share this with your friends to get some of them to vote too. 

Rules & Deadline & Voting Process

The deadline for voting for this grant is April 4th, 2018. You can vote once a day, but no more than that. You can, however, share it with your friends and family and on social media, etc. as much as you like. 

You can’t buy votes or incentivize anyone to vote, but you can share it as much as you’d like. 

Voting is easy! The link will bring you to my application page and there is a button that says “Vote for this business.” Click that and they’ll ask you to verify your identity (just to make sure you’re not voting a bunch of times) by providing your name and email. Then hit Vote, and that’s it! It takes about 10 seconds total! 

Vote For Me Here!


Deadline for the $25,000 grant voting is April 4th! And the deadline for the $1000 grant is April 1st!

That Other $1000

You might be doing the math and wondering why the title says $26,000, and the grant mentioned above is for $25,000. Well, I’m also a finalist for a different, completely unrelated, $1000 grant for my art business! 

Voting for this grant only goes until April 1st. The top three finalists with the most votes each win a $1000 grant for their business from entrepreneur Sam Priestley. As I’m writing this, I’m currently in fourth place, by just a tiny bit! (Thank you so much to everyone who has already voted!!) 

Vote here for the $1000 grant. 

For this grant you can only vote once from each IP address, meaning if two of you are using the same internet source, only one of you can vote, unfortunately. But if you do it on your phone, taken off the WiFi, you might be able to vote like that, because it’ll show a different IP address. 



I couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) run this business without the support from all of you. I appreciate every time you like one of my posts, leave a comment, email me, and make a purchase. The number of you who have come out and shared and voted for me already for the $1000 grant has been incredible. I’m humbled by all of your support!