Drawing With Corrina – Session 3 – Using An X-Acto Knife

Session 3 was just uploaded to YouTube and it’s all about how to use an x-acto knife to create small details in your drawing.

Drawing With Corrina – Session 2 – How To BLEND Colored Pencil

Welcome to Session 2 of Drawing With Corrina! Learn different techniques used to BLEND colored pencil to create vibrant, opaque color.

Drawing With Corrina – Session 1 – How To LAYER With Colored Pencil

Welcome to Session One of Drawing With Corrina! In this session, you’ll learn techniques for creating opaque, VIBRANT color with colored pencil.

I Get Rejected Almost Daily – Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

  “No thanks.” (The entirety of a recent rejection I received.) Rejection is something we shy away from, something I’m not sure if anyone would view as a good thing. You certainly don’t strive to be rejected. And yet, when it comes to owning your own business, especially a creative one, rejection happens all the […]

Learn How To Draw In 2017 – How I Plan To Help You

if you’re someone who wants to know HOW I create my realistic, vibrant drawings, you’re in luck! Learn how to draw in colored pencil…

How To NOT Get Overwhelmed With A Complex Drawing

Here’s the techniques that I use to keep myself calm while attempting complex drawings.

My New Fascination With Drawing On Wood

January has been the month of drawing on wood! In my last blog post, I talked about my first drawing that I’ve done on wood, the Kitten Heart, which is shown below. This was an experiment for a charity event being held at Rustic Roots during the month of February.   My New Interest In […]

Behind The Scenes Of The Kitten Heart – My First Drawing On Wood

Behind the scenes of my first colored pencil drawing on wood!

Behind The Scenes Of The Gilding Commission

This drawing was a challenge, not only because it’s the biggest commission I’ve ever done, but because it was different than my normal animal artwork.

End Of The Year Roundup – 2016

This was my first full year as a creative entrepreneur. Here are some of the highlights of 2016!