About My Upcoming Ebook – How To Build Your Art Business With Limited Time Or Energy

I have been brought to tears reading some of the feedback from those who have read an advanced copy of this book and how much they feel it will help them in their art career.

On The Drawing Board – Upcoming Series Of Drawings

I’m currently working on a new series of drawings of endangered species! Learn more about them below…

Be A Part Of My Launch Team – 10 Free Copies Of My Upcoming EBook

If you sign up to be a part of my launch team, I’ll send you a free copy of my ebook before I publish it to the public…

Behind The Scenes Of The Tree Swallow Drawing

This weekend I decided to have a little fun with a quick drawing of a Tree Swallow…

5 Ways Drawing Is Like Exercising

Similar to exercising, sometimes the hardest part is getting started.

Sneak Peeks and Explanations – The Adventures of 2017 So Far

  You may have noticed both on my blog and via social media, that I haven’t been around much lately. 2017 started with a bang and I was creating lots of artwork, like the Kitten Heart drawing (shown below), other drawings on wood, commissions, and more. Then I disappeared. This blog post explains what’s been […]

Joint Giveaway With Rescue The Elephants!

Recently I partnered with Rescue The Elephants to do a Facebook giveaway!

The Look On Their Faces – My Favorite Part Of Exhibiting My Art

People are almost always shocked when I tell them my work is done in colored pencil. More often than not I get asked, “Are you sure?!?”

An Emotional Post – What It’s Like Being A Chronically Ill Artist

I thought perhaps I wouldn’t be writing a blog post this week because I’ve been feeling pretty horrible lately. We’re currently doing medical testing to figure out what’s going on. Then I realized this morning that maybe that’s the exact fuel I need in order to write this particular blog post. As many of you […]

Behind The Scenes Of The Jada Commission

I was recently asked to do a commission for a friend of their show dog, Jada, who passed away last year. Having met Jada, a black field spaniel, on a number of occasions and knowing how beautiful she was and her friendly, loving spirit, I was more than happy to take on that task! Below […]